Minimum Size

To make sure that the logo is always readable and recognisable the Carbon Balanced Paper marque should not be reproduced smaller than 14mm high. When using the logo at minimum size, be careful to ensure that the website address is still legible if reversed out of a coloured background or image.

Colours and reproduction
The logo should only be reproduced in the CMYK value supplied, completely black or completely white. Examples on the right show the permitted permutations for logo application.

Exclusion Zone
The exclusion zone (indicated by the solid line) is the minimum area around the Carbon balanced logo that must remain clear of typography or any other graphic device.

The formula for the exclusion zone is shown here and applies to all sizes of logo reproduction. It is calculated by using twice the height of the ‘T’ in Trust and varies in direct proportion to the size at which the logo is reproduced.

Download guidelines PDF


assets/cbp/img/construct/guideline1.gif assets/cbp/img/construct/guideline2.gif assets/cbp/img/construct/guideline3.gif