Natural Impact

Carbon Balancing in action:
World Land Trust Projects

Since its foundation in 1989, the World Land Trust has helped bring about the purchase and protection of more than 540,000 acres of wildlife habitat in Africa, Asia, Central and South America and the UK.

Its current projects are concentrated in Vietnam, Ecuador and Paraguay.

Khe Nuoc Trong, Vietnam
Perhaps the best remaining example of lowland forest in the Annamite Mountains of Central Vietnam, rich in highly endangered plants and animals incuding at least four critically threatened species. This is the current priority for Carbon Balanced Paper.

Numbami and Nangaritza, Ecuador
These forests on the Amazon slope of the Andes, extending from the foothills to the upper slopes, harbour astonishing biodiversity. They also buffer and help link two key reserves - the Podocarpus National Park and El Condor Biospehere Reserve. Similar projects in Buenaventura, Tapichalaca and Yanacocha are now completed.

The Chaco-Pantanal and Atlantic Forest Paraguay
Once the last great South American wilderness, deforestation in the Chaco is now phenomenal at more than 2,500 acres per day. The Atlantic Forest is already reduced to only 7% of its original area. Thsis project sets aside representative areas of natural habitat along with their exceptional wildlife, in partnership with local communities.


purchase and protection of more than 540,000 acres of wildlife habitat


Yanacocha, Ecuador

Yanacocha, Ecuador Tapichalaca, Ecuador Sierra Gorda, Mexico Yanacocha, Ecuador Yanacocha, Ecuador Yanacocha, Ecuador